Celtic Dream



It is the poster for a local event here in Italy in which several publishers present their fantasy books inside the walls of one of our medieval castles (North of Italy).
This year the theme of the event is "Celtic culture" so organizers said me to create an illustration with some Celtic elements. I wanted to avoid the classic iconography and symbols so I decided to recreate a special scene. I have imagined a ancient family with an old king, with his faithful dog sited in the middle of a land with a castle on the background (the castle is not a typical Celtic architecture but the client asked me to have it in the background). Beside the king there is his son, a prince and a young warrior. A girl on the left side admires the boy and dreams to become his wife. To complete the scene I put in the image also a little elf just to remind that this is a poster for a fantasy event. For the characters, I was inspired by the work of an very talented Italian painter called Roberto Ferri. The old King reminds one of his great painting with a old man.
As usual it is totally made in Painter.