This is the cover of a book with a very special story that is a melting of various genders with a touch of steampunk style. The title of the book is "Ignition" and it is first of a trilogy.
On the cover there are the two main characters Ilio and Gregorio with the presence of a young girl, Isabella, that is not exactly human...
The author is an Italian writer (Marco Siena) that has decided to produce the book by himself using Amazon and other internet sites.
According to my poor judgement, story, characters and environments are really amazing and for this reason I have decided to help this writer in his adventure.
As usual the piece is totally created in Painter and I have used different real photo references to define the physiognomy of characters.

If someone is interested to the book (only in Italian for the moment), this is the link for Amazon:

This is the link for English translation campaign: