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Licia Troisi - Mondadori




I have created this set of illustrations for the new edition of a Fantasy Saga created 10 years ago by Licia Troisi, a talented and famous Italian author. There are in total 9 books in 3 different collections : Chronicles of the Emerged World - Wars of the Emerged World - Legends of the Emerged World. The original book covers were created by the great illustrator Paolo Barbieri, but for this anniversary edition the publisher (Mondadori) asked me to create something new with a different style and feeling for each character. In the cover of each book there is one of the main characters of each story. I have focused my attention on the expression and the soul of each character, using classic pose that remind classic paintings but with a touch of modern style.  As usual all my characters have realistic features and, as usual, I have used a lot of reference photos to create them. In particular I want to thanks Dominik Day and Siarhei Pushnoi for their work. I have used two of their photos like reference for two of the characters (Dubhe and Learco).