Homo Homini Lupus



For the title of this piece I have chosen the ancient motto Homo Homini Lupus (man is a wolf for other men)... I'm sorry if I remembered you Hobbes and your higher school;)

It represents the profound nature of humankind in the modern world.
Creative (bad) financing and abuse along the street toward the kingdom of money and materialism. A seductive girl and a modern crusader with his shirt and tie are looking for new victims. The I-Ching symbol of stagnation is imprinted on the Chinese lamp: heaven and earth are divided. It's time for ignoble men to take power and wise men turn away. On the background there is a airship with a meaningful name: Hindenburg... the end is marked.

Totally made in Painter with my Wacom.
I used references only for the girl and her clothes... I know, I know, not many clothes!